Testimonials from Dr. Yily’s patients

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About the doctor

Dr. Yily De los Santos is a renowned plastic surgeon, with a medical practice in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, where she has a private consult office, with an outstanding staff. She had her medicine residency of General Surgery, at the Hospital Docente Padre Billini, in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, and her Plastic, Esthetic and Reconstructive medical specialization, at the Hospital Militar Dr. Carlos Arvelo, in Caracas, Venezuela.

Having a surgery in Dominican Republic


Are you considering coming to Dominican Republic, to have your plastic surgery performed by Dr. Yily? Surgical procedures in DR are completely safe, and because of that protection, our secure and professional practice, more than 95% of our patients, come from North America and Europe.

Dr. Yily’s staff will help you to arrange your stay and recovery, your transportation and communication, even though you don’t speak spanish. Click the button below, and know more about having a top health tourism destination, like the Dominican Republic.