Coming to Dominican Republic for plastic surgery

This country has emerged as a top health tourism destination, with very skilled and extensively trained professionals, complying with the highest international standards. Below we guide you in everything you need to know, about your safe plastic surgery procedure, in Dominican Republic.

Having sugery in DR

If you want to come to Dominican Republic, to get your plastic surgery performed by Dr. Yily De los Santos, it’s completely normal that you have doubts and questions. The first thing you need to know, is that surgical procedures in this country, are completely safe, with strict care of the patient. Because of this, and the professional level of our medical practice, more than 95% of our patients, come from USA, Canada and Western Europe.

Dr. Yily’s staff will help you coordinate everything related to the stay and recovery, of your surgery at Dominican Republic. Also, they will guide you on how to get transportation and effective communication, even though you don’t speak our native language, Spanish.

About Santo Domingo

Las Américas Airport (SDQ)

Air Plane

It’s the international airport in the city of Santo Domingo, and it’s about 30 Kms / 20 miles east, of our plastic surgery consultation office. It hosts dozens of daily flights, from multiple foreign cities, and we are sure that you will find a comfortable itinerary, for your air transportation arriving and departing from this country.

Even though the country also has the Punta Cana Airport (PUJ), of great international touristic traffic, considering its location, 200 Kms / 120 miles east from the city, we recommend Las Américas Airport (SDQ), for your travel, before, and specially after, your plastic surgery procedure in Dominican Republic.

The city

Estatua de Cristobal Colon

The city of Santo Domingo, in Distrito Nacional or National District, functions as the capital of Dominican Republic. It’s considered the first city of America, founded in 1496. It’s located on the southeast of the country, and it’s connected to highways leading to the North, Northeast, East and South regions of the country.

It counts with multiple options of mobility, public and private transportation (UBER, taxi, metro, buses, etc.), and a developed commercial activity. The city has many malls, restaurants of any kind, drugstores, supermarkets and many more. As a tourism must-see, the Colonial Zone of Santo Domingo, is considered a Humanity Cultural Patrimony, with many fortress and building from the Columbus era, and its discovery invites anyone visiting the city.

In Santo Domingo you will find everything you need for the preparation and immediate recovery for your plastic surgery in Dominican Republic.

Dr. Yily Consultation Office

Dra. Yily De Los Santos consulting office

It’s located at Centro Médico Monumental, right in the center of Santo Domingo, capital of Dominican Republic.


Money exchange and supplements


Dominican Republic’s official currency is the dominican peso, with an estimate Exchange rate of 1 US Dollar for RD$45 – RD$50. All expenses of your procedure, can be paid with US Dollars, avoiding the hassle of changing that amount to local currency. Also, most of the hotels and recovery houses, accept US Dollars or Euros, and at drugstores and supermarkets, you can pay with credit card.
For the supplements and medical care items, needed for your post-operation recovery, we will guide 100% regarding where to get, in case you don’t buy them at your hometown.

Housing & Recuperation


There are many options in Santo Domingo that we can recommend, for your stay before and after your plastic surgery with Dr. Yily De los Santos. Our consultation office is located near a main group of centric hotels in the city, with all type of amenities and services. For your post-operatory care, we recommend that you stay at a recovery house, with better guarantees of the compliance of indications from Dr. Yily.



For your stay at this country, during the pre-operatory phase, you can enjoy many of the natural and touristic attractions, inside Dominican Republic.

Included in the offer of international health tourism, this country invites you to explore the beaches of Punta Cana, Bayahibe, Las Terrenas, Samaná and Puerto Plata. Also, mountain and adventure ecotourism in Jarabacoa and Constanza, and the colonial story of the city of Santo Domingo.

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