Dr. Yily’s de los Santos office in Santo Domingo

On the capital city of Dominican Republic, Dr. Yily has a state of the art consultation office and operation room, in compliance with the highest international standards and regulations.

Consultation office and operation room details

Centro Medico de Cirugía Plastica CIGMED

Dr. Yily performs her medical practice at CIGMED (Centro de Investigación Global Médica), since fall 2016. On this location you can find all the facilities for the operation and treatment, of plastic, esthetic and reconstructive surgeries.

This building complex has 8 state of the art surgery rooms, with antibacterial covering, an Intense Care Unit, observation rooms, more than 20 suites, radio frequency controlled access, digital images system for X-ray, patients traceability. Also, drinking water with reverse osmosis in the entire facility, with integrated medical gases, and digital air conditioning system, that adapts to the temperature of the operating patient.

Address of Dr. Yily’s office

We are located in Clínica Monumental, in the center of Santo Domingo, with easy access from all hotels and recovery houses in the city. Please see below our address:

Location: Clínica Monumental. Calle Gaspar Polanco No. 17, Suite 406 Bella vista, Santo Domingo, República Dominicana.
Phone: 809.622.5720
Whatsapp: 829.966.6102
Email: drayilyplastica@gmail.com

Now that you know, where Dr. Yily performs her work, do you want her to transform your image and self-esteem?

Testimonials of plastic surgery patients, with Dr. Yily

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